5 Ways to Improve Your Email Strategy Conversion in Pandemic

The majority of businesses have given up on email marketing…
In this pandemic, most consumers are isolated in their own houses and receive tons of emails every day because most businesses rely on email marketing, obviously, because of the issue in the most prominent advertising platform in the world. IOS vs. Facebook ads. 
This is why Improving Email Strategy is a MUST.

And according to the research, high numbers of marketers claim that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase ROI.

Receiving tons of emails every single day will irritate the consumer and more likely to delete or unsubscribe

That is the thing we want to avoid… 

here are some Email strategies to boost your ROI in email marketing

1. Welcome email

Has the highest oper rate in the world

Your audience interacts with your brand. They are more likely to engage with your offer. 

Giving them the benefit of being on your list and reasons to read your upcoming email will boost your ROI.

They already give you the authority to send them emails. Your audience is waiting for you. So never disappoint your audience.

2. Make it meaningful conversation to improve your email strategy

Talk to them as if you are in front of them. Everything still a human-to-human interaction. 

  • Greet them with their name, 
  • send the occasional email, such as a happy birthday email. 
  • Know their pain, desire, and current situation. 

Make them feel you understand them. 
Target your audience emotions are the best way to improve your email strategy

You can do that in your market research.

3. Stop selling in your subject line.

The main focus of a subject line is to build curiosity, excitement to open your email. 

The email service provider will put your email in the promotional tab once it contains promotional text such as 

  • Coupon
  • sales
  • discount
  •  promo, 

That the worst scenario that MUST avoid if you want to improve your email strategy and open the gate of conversion in your business.

4. Test Test Test 

Before launching your email, you should check every email link, especially your landing page. 

Don’t let your revenue make you cry just because of broken links and a slow landing page. 

Test your website performance with GTMetrix. one of my best website performance testers, for FREE. 

aside from testing your links, it is essential to test the spamminess of your email

5. Hook them with visual content are so powerful to improve email strategy

Use relevant images and videos but do not overuse them. 

Visual art nowadays is very effective in gaining your audience’s attention. You can use 

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Gifs
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Infographics.

There’s a lot of tools that can help you create visual content for your email marketing campaign. 

invideo It is one of the best tools for your video marketing…

or you may consider making memes in your email. 

Here’s the best way to execute…
See how Remit Sethi increases his conversion with this visual content in
his email strategy.

Despite the fact that e-mail marketing is essential to any business, the majority of business owners ignore it. Email marketing is a method of engaging with your audience in order to persuade them to become repeat buyers.

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