6 Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Page As A Freelancer Even If You Don’t Want One

facebook page

When you first start freelancing, a Facebook page may be the last thing you want to deal with. 

But after reading this post, 

you’ll see that creating a page for your freelance business can actually help you grow your business if done right. 

If you’re a freelancer, you should have a Facebook Page.

If you’re not a freelancer, you should have a Facebook Page. 

In my experience, 

if you’re in business for yourself, of any kind, FB will be the first place people go to look for your business.

So here’s my list of six reasons why you should create a Facebook page for your freelance business.

1. Facebook Page Will Help You Create A Strong Personal Brand

You may be thinking I don’t want to be a brand or see myself as a brand.

I want to work and get paid. Branding yourself is not about promoting yourself for the sake of self-promotion. 

It’s more about creating a positive relationship with your clients, 

being honest and trustworthy, and having professional standards that you follow.

Branding is more than your logo design or color scheme.

Your brand consists of every interaction with your clients.

Social media can assist in getting this message out there. 

Still, you’re the One who has to build it in the first place by being consistent, honest, and transparent in everything you do…

from answering emails to meeting deadlines, from sharing articles on LinkedIn to voicing opinions on Twitter, 

from introducing yourself at conferences to chatting at client dinners or even Skype sessions

2. You Have A Chance To Share Your Expertise

You may not think you have the skill set to be considered an expert,

but sharing what you know and helping others is a great way to build a brand and reputation.

A personal brand. When you share your expertise online, it will help you build your brand as an expert in your field. 

People will come to recognize who you are and what makes you unique in your industry.

Exposure for yourself.

When people see you as an expert on Facebook, they’ll be more likely to approach you for advice or help. 

You can then take this opportunity to pitch yourself as a freelance service provider 

(if it’s appropriate).

Credibility in your niche market. 

By putting yourself out there as an expert, 

people will trust and respect your opinions, and recommendations more than if they didn’t know who you were. 

This is vital when building relationships with potential clients and customers.

An online portfolio of work samples showing off what makes you unique in the marketplace: 

by posting content related to what makes you different, than other freelancers looking for work. 

Potential clients can see how they can enjoy hiring someone like you, rather than anyone else offering similar services.

3. You Can Keep An Eye Out For The Competition

Being active on social media will allow you to see what your competitors are up to. 

If you follow them, you’ll be able to keep track of the type of content they post,

how often they post, and what kind of response their posts get from their clients. 

What is working for them?

If your competition is posting a lot about a particular topic, 

maybe that’s something you should consider writing about.

What is not working? 

Their clients aren’t responding to certain types of content. 

That might be an opportunity for you to use those same topics, 

and do them better (or differently) than they are doing. 

You don’t want to copy everything they do, 

but it helps if you know what your competitors do to differentiate yourself from them.

4. You Can Start Conversations With Your Audience

When you do get your page up and running, Facebook is a great place to interact with your audience.

Say you’re working on something for them, or you’ve got some announcements that need to be made. 

You can use Facebook to give updates and even request feedback from customers…

So that they know exactly what you’re doing for them at any time.

You can also take advantage of commenting on other people’s posts and sharing others’ content..

…if it might help your followers/clients/customers. 

That way, when they look at their feed, they see your name there as well.

They get a reminder that you exist—and now maybe one of their friends knows who you are as well! 

It can help build a stronger fanbase for whatever product or service you happen to be peddling around town…

And make sure it isn’t just sitting around gathering dust somewhere in the corner.

5. It Gives You A Presence On Other Platforms As Well

You can link your Facebook Page to other platforms. Facebook has an API for integrating your page on other platforms, You are making it easy to link your posts and content.

You can integrate your page with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Because Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms globally 

(with over 2 billion active users), you get a large audience by being on the platform. 

Even if you don’t want to post content on Facebook, 

linking your page will help give you exposure to new audiences.

6. It Helps You Collaborate With Other Freelancers

Surprisingly, a Facebook page is also great for finding freelancers to collaborate with.

Although you are a freelancer, there may be times that you will want to work with someone else on a project. 

this would mean,

searching through networking sites like Linkedin or freelance agencies like Freelancer and Upwork. 

But now, it’s as easy as using the Facebook groups search feature. 

You can find groups of people who do what you do, 

or something similar, and connect with them through your Facebook page.

Another benefit is that working together allows both parties to focus on their own personal brand… 

Rather than trying to grow one together. 

Many people have struggled with developing and maintaining a business,

while keeping up with their brand. 


when you team up with another freelancer, 

these things become more accessible because each person only has to pay attention to their own needs and interests.

So why not connect with me on my FACEBOOK PAGE and let’s grow together?

It Is Important To Be Active In The Freelance Community, And Facebook Is One Way To Do That

Facebook is where you go for social interactions. It’s where you network, find clients and hang out with other freelancers. 

It only makes sense to have a presence on this platform. It’ll be a way for you to build your audience and keep an eye on the latest freelance news. 

And if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a Facebook page for your business, 

why not create a Facebook group? 

Use it to connect with potential clients 

or ask questions from your colleagues in the industry.

There are so many different ways that Facebook can help you succeed as a freelancer…

That there’s no excuse not to be active on this social network.

so if you want to know more then read this article on how to successfully LAUNCH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND IN JUST 4 STEPS.

launch your social media branding in 4 steps

So, there are plenty of benefits to having a Facebook page for your freelancing business. 

Even if you never find yourself posting more than once or twice a week, 

getting that added social media branding might be what you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. If a Facebook page is in your future, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from.

Good luck!

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