Avoid This To Improve Email Open Rates

About 2% of your website visitor will convert, and the rest are going to leave. This is why email marketing is the key to build a strong connection with your audience, but the harsh truth about email marketing was only 20 % of you subscriber will open your email or even lower than 20%


Open Rate is the most important part of email marketing because no matter how good is your copy and offer, but without triggering your audience to open it.

It’s trash. I’ll tell you how to increase your open rate in a minute but first. 

Let me tell you why an open rate is very important… 

You see, building a healthy human relationship has stages. 

First, if you want someone to get attention, then trigger their curiosity and desire. The goal of your subject line is to get attention and trigger desire.

Open rate is the first stage of your money-making machine. it will determine how many subscribers are active and engaging with your email and their interest based on your segmentation campaign.


If you are not happy with your open rate, you should avoid these 7 common mistakes in your campaign.

#1 No Email Timing

Sending your email at the wrong time will lower your open rates; imagine how you will feel if the waiter suggests you try an appetizer after you’ve eaten your dinner. Email Campaign must be sent at the best time as much as possible. 

Most of our audience is so busy in their daily life.. however, sending an email at 9 am and before 5 pm will help you increase your open rate. According to the research, the audience is more likely to open and check their inbox before working and leaving at work.  However, this may change depending on the geo-location and behavior of your audience. your email service provider may also suggest the best time to send emails after running several campaigns.

#2 No proper email segmentation 

Sending your irresistible offer at the right time is useless if you are sending it to the wring audience. segmentation will help you identify our audience’s interests and needs. Therefore, you can send them the solution they need. You don’t want to sell a dog to a person who is allergic to dogs. Don’t you? I hope it’s not.

#3 effortless subject lines. 

The most and first goal of every email marketer is to arouse curiosity for high open rates. That’s why spending more time in subject lines will help you improve your open rate. These should not include sales words if you don’t want to end your email in the promotional tab. or a spammy word. The primary inbox is your target. Use emojis to stand out from their busy inbox and to make it more personal. Make it short and catchy enough.  

#4 No Subheader

Most of your audience is not just reading your subject line but also your subheader. The subheader contains the first sentence of your email, so use it wisely. It should summarize your email. The subject line builds curiosity, but the header gives more reason to open your email. 

5. No Testing 

testing before launching the campaign is a MUST. Testing links, landing page speed, and deliverability should be tested before running a campaign to avoid problems. 

The point is if you want to get their money straight to your pocket and get the most of your campaign, you should 

  • know every goal of each step in your campaign
  • Spend more time in your subject line first before the copy
  •  learn how to read the language of your campaign ( metric result )
  • test every link and optimize your landing page
  • Offer at the right time and the right audience

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