Email Funnel That Sales

Funnel is the formula to determine your success.

It will help you identify your next move in your customer journey.


Most marketers don’t know how to use Funnel in Email Strategies. 

You may also confused when and what kind of email you are going to use, 

but don’t worry. 

I will share with you the best practices to determine when the best time to build a list and how to use it. 

But first, let me show you how a proper email funnel can make you rich. 

You see, 

That’s amazing. 

Yet, some businesses don’t get the best result because they don’t use a funnel in email strategies. 

And here’s the excellent news accordion to OPTINMONSTER

in the U.S. alone, more than 90% of people over the age of 15, it turns out:

More than half of us even check our email before doing anything else online (probably before even getting out of bed):

Alright, now you see how powerful email is, 

It’s time to reveal the best recipe 

 When you are going to get their email?

In the customer value journey, the customer starts from stage one, which is the awareness stage. 

The goal for this is to make them Know you, Like you, and Trust you ( AKA KLT ). 

Then it’s about time for a subscriber stage where you are going to ask their leads by doing a FREE WEBINAR or other Gated content.

After this stages stage, that’s the time you are going to ask for a commitment from your audience. When you say commitment, it means they give you their time, money, or both. 

When to send your first email?

Welcome emails are the most highly open rates in an email marketing report. 

This is your first move to build and indoctrinate your subscriber and make them forget you, and not irritate them. Welcome email must be sent immediately after they subscribe or opt-in.

The indoctrination will last up to 3 emails only. 

Number of Emails

Nubmber of Emails will depend on your campaign sequence and the product you offer. 

If It is a Tripwire product, then it can be 4 up to 7 emails only. It’s enough to determine their interest in your offer. If they are not interested, then let it go… 

But, if you have a high ticket offer, it can last up to 15 emails. 

What to focus on?

Email funnel must focus on how you are going to trigger their emotion using email copy. 

Don’t push it harder. It may irritate them.

  • GAIN-  Show them proof, 
  • LOGIC-how it works but not how to do it, 
  • FEAR -How life will look like after purchasing your product and the consequence if they did not. 
  • SCARCITY – Why now and not later

Email Funnel is very important in email marketing because it gives you the framework that determines your next steps. It moves your subscribers into buyers and brings a strong relationship with your audience to become a multi-buyer. 


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