Email Copy

$ 1600.00

Why Email Copywriting?

Email copy is very important to make your email more 

  • Powerful
  • Belief-shifting
  • Generate predictable results for your business.
I don’t use templates since they make you sound like a robot.
There is a unique approach for each step of your client’s awareness and challenges.
I am using proven and tested frameworks.
The framework will tailor your email copy,
to meet your client’s needs and present your product as the best solution.
It is simple yet powerful and super-effective.
That makes your email
  • grab attention,
  • trigger interest,
  • make them click,
  • engage,
  • and buy.

The following is a list of what’s covered in this Email Copy package.


Email Copy

  • Maximum of 30 Emails – $40 per additional email
  • Maximum of 4 Email Sequences

Audience Research 

To write a compelling, strong, and engaging email that will keep them awake at night thinking about your product.

I’ll be using proven practices

Here are some proven ways to get the biggest gold.

Facebook Group
Amazon Hacking 


  • Who are they 
  • What are they doing 
  • Why they are doing the things they are doing 

2.Market Awareness

Your client’s journey is they become more aware of your product. 

It will describe what they look like at each stage. 

3.Target Market Psychographics

  • Core desire 
  • Primal fear
  • Solutions They Tried But no result
  • Suspicions 
  • Enemy 
  • The ultimate picture of their goal 
  • Objection/ obstacles 
  • Bad things happen in their life because of this problem 
  • Before and after metrics 

Competitor Research

  • Find direct competitors’ ads
  • Find indirect competitors’ ads
  • Write down the headlines and subheadlines
  • Funnel
  • Product page
  • Checkout page
  • Upsell/Downsell
  • Email strategy

What’s NOT included in this package.

Do you want me to evaluate your business to see if you need this strategy?

Then I have a piece of good news for you.

You can book a FREE CONSULTATION without any charge.


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