Social media branding made easy

A social media presence can help you succeed or, in the worst-case scenario, it might hurt your company’s brand…

Nowadays, having solid social media branding is important.
On the other hand, businesses cannot afford to ignore social media unless they don’t want to drive traffic and be successful in their business…

I’m glad you are not one of them. Yeah,
I know you aren’t since you’re reading this…

Therefore, this stuff is for you.
It’s a step-by-step guide on how to use social media for your branding awareness.

Here’s how you are going to build solid social media branding…

to Focus on your main social media channels

Locate your preferred social networking platform.This phase will not be determined by which one you prefer but rather by where your clients are located.
For example,If you’re seeking a younger audience, Instagram and Tiktok would be a good fit.But if you’re targeting an adult professional audience, Linkedin is the ideal option. However, if you consider both youthful and adult customers, Instagram and Facebook are the best options for your business. But trust me when I say that your target audience is on Facebook, whatever of their demographic.

to Understand your audience emotion to make connections

Understand your audience.
In any type of business, knowing your audience is important to success…I hope you’re not in a situation where you’re selling ice to folks living in Iceland or a kitten to those who are allergic to cats. As a result, here’s what you can do. You try to understand your offer and the problems that your product can solve effectively. Find your target audience and try to understand their fears and desire. I have golden tips for you to do that, so keep reading…Okay, now you’re going to use those feelings and desires in your content to trigger their pain point and present your offer as the best solution.

to be close on your competitor

Bring your friend closer, but bring your enemies even closer. Bring your friend closer, but bring your enemies even closer. Don’t get me wrong… you’re not going to mimic what they’re doing, but you will gain a better understanding of their advantages and weaknesses in comparison to your product. Here’s what you should be looking for in your competitors’ accounts. Their social media platforms, the number of followers they have, the number of posts they publish each day or week, their advertisements, and who their target market is.   If you’re keen to learn more about competitor research, keep an eye out for my upcoming content on marketing research.

to Content planning and distributions

So, this is the final step in our social media branding strategy.

That’s how you make the content…
you’ll need to plan your content development and create a calendar.
You can use this Editorial Calendar to improve your tracking and content planning.
You just make a copy and try it to improve your social media content planning.
Remember that blog is one way of delivering your content and bring traffic to your site.
Therefore, learning these 5 frameworks to start writing your blog will help you improve your content production.

Here’s an example of content you can use.


  • Industry Facts/Info
  • Text-Based Videos
  • Event Promo
  • Podcast Videos
  • Presentation Snippets
  • Career Advice


  • Blog Posts
  • Podcast Posts
  • Current Promotions
  • Livestreams
  • Youtube Videos


  • Call Outs
  • Quotes
  • Industry Facts/Info


  • Call Outs
  • Quick Updates


  • Partner Blog Posts
  • Industry News
  • Videos/Photos


  • Test User Knowledge
  • Hot Industry Topics
  • This or That/Opinions
  • Fun/Silly Question

Okay, now that we’ve done it, it’s time for me to reveal the golden tips for identifying your audience’s emotions,
but first, let me remind you that this strategy won’t work until you put it into action.
Every strategy must be implemented and tested.
in social media marketing, and everything will be exposed to extensive testing to determine which strategy is most effective for your audience.
So, without further ado, here are the top hidden golden tips.

  • Join the community and start growing your network.
  • Read posts and comments for you to understand their problems, fears, and desire.
  • The product reviews… there you will get golden data about your ideal customer’s emotions.

Alright, that’s it for now…
Have you learned some knowledge from this content?
I’d like to know in the comments section, and I’d love to. If you’d give me some ideas…

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