5 Win-Back Email That Wins

Most businesses are getting new leads every single day to fuel their engine to survive.
However, conversion rates are still not acceptable. In this case, a win-back email campaign is needed.

One out of five of your email subscribers tends to forget and ignore you.
That’s the sad reality.

After giving too much effort to build your list,
some of your subscribers will lose interest in your email.

But Don’t worry, you still have a chance to win them back if they haven’t unsubscribed yet.
But before I tell you how to do it.
let me first tell you

What is a win-back email campaign?

A win-back email campaign is an email to send to your inactive subscribers within 60-90 days.

It is an effective strategy to increase your sales.
Because they have already been interested in you before.

Therefore, you need to trigger that interest for the second time around.
It may be less effective at bringing them back,
but a win-back campaign needs to be sent to protect our list and improve deliverability.

You see,
Sending a win-back campaign is not just to bring them back.
but it will help you identify the people who lose their interest.
Therefore, you can remove them and put them in a separate email subscriber or delete them permanently.

As a result, you will improve your email deliverability because your email open rate will increase.
let’s now find out the email series we need in our win-back email campaign.
Yes, we need more than one email for this campaign.
Therefore, you will have a high chance of winning them back.

Firstly, you need to send them a Hello email.
It is just to let them know you still exist in their inbox.
You will give them something in the form of a GIFT in this series to trigger their interest.

You can give them a gift in the form of

  • Bonus
  • Free Upgrade
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Consultation
  • Extra Product
  • Coupon

Here’s the goal of this first email

  • To remind them why they become your subscriber/buyer
  • The benefit of being a subscribers/buyer
  • Make them fee recognized by giving them a GIFT
  • Here are my favorite subject lines in this email

Subject lines tips are the following

  • Did I Offend you?
  • I need your help!
  • I want you back!
  • Was it something I Said?

After that, we will send them our second email after 24 hours if still no engagement happens.
Second email is to give them the gift.

Here are the proven subject lines that may help you.

  • Claim your reward now
  • I have something just for you
  • Surprise gift only for you

Now let’s move to the third email.
If still, they didn’t engage, then it’s time to send your third email after 24 hours of your previous email.
the goal of this email is the same, but the countdown to the take way the gift or unsubscribe them has started

subject lines you may use for this email series

  • Am I still welcome in your inbox?
  • Am I bothering you?
  • Is This Goodbye?

Now, if still, they didn’t open your previous emails, them time to send them your fourth email.
You will still be offering the gift, but at this stage, it’s no longer emphasized in your email. At this time, it’s all about, take it or unsubscribe.
Yeah, unsubscribe… because if they are not interested in you, then you should let them go. Inactive subscribers are not your loyal subscribers anyway. So why wasting money and effort.

now, in this case, you need a subject line like

  • Should I unsubscribe you?
  • Should I delete you?

Now our last and final email in this series. If didn’t react after 24 hours of your previous email, you should unsubscribe them to clean your list.
As I’ve said before, You may separate and put them in other email service providers, or delete them permanently.
But, You need to remove them from your list.

here’s the best subject line for this last and final email

  • Is This Goodbye?
  • I think today will be the last
  • Is today the end of our relationship?

Alright, to sum up.

A win-back email campaign helps you filter and identify, people who already lost their interest and did not.
Losing inactive subscribers is an effective way, to make your list stays healthy and improve your deliverability.
But, Before you run a win-back email series, you need to make your email copy more compelling and persuasive.

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