Write Blog Faster With This Proven 3 frameworks

I know how you feel…
I’ve been there too…
Setting down in front of your blank canvas, spend lots of time with even writing a single word.
The exact situation when I was about to write my first blog.

But I was so lucky that I found the right solution to my frustration.

The blog posts frameworks
Frameworks formulated by DigitalMarketer.com
It helps me write high-quality blog posts faster than ever…
But, before we dive into our blog posts frameworks.
Let me give you

Two reasons why blogging is essential in all kinds of business.
Reason #1 

Blogging helps to maintain your email list. 

An email list is not just to send them promotion; this is where you need to send them valuable and entertaining content regularly to keep them engaged and train them to open and read your emails. 

That’s where you need your blog posts. 

That is why I write this blog post to help you write blog posts fast and engaging…
so if you want to write blog posts fast, keep reading…

Reason #2 

Blogging is one of the best ways to build your CREDIBILITY in the market, build TRUST with your audience and make them LIKE you. ( aka KLT ) 

There’s a lot of reasons why you need blog post in your business, and it’s endless…

With this framework, you don’t have to sit in front of your blank canvas anymore and start from scratch.

Now… Let’s start with…

Crowdsourced post 

The idea is to reach out at least ten experts in your niche, ask them the same topic or question.
It will give you fast blog content as their answer becomes part of your blog post.

It increases your credibility in the market.

Besides, crowdsourcing is the best way to generate more blogs even FASTER.
For instance, you ask each expert two separate questions. And break it into two different blog content. 

Here are a few examples of crowdsource posts; 

14 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Marketing Home Run of 2018
29 Proven and Tested Strategies for Building a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Program 

Now, when you already got their answers.
Then it’s time to arrange and published that post. 

List Post

In this case, you need to get content in multiple sources and put them together to form a new blog post idea. 

The headline must inform your readers how many items are on the list and the benefit they will get.

Never forget to give credit and link back your readers to the source.
It is a win-win for you and your reference, as this will give both of you credibility and traffic. 

Here some of the list posts that will give you an idea of how to use list posts. 

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9 Different Blog Post Types and How to Use Them

Quote posts 

To write blog content using this framework, 

it would be best if you found a handful and inspirational quotes in your niche,
put them together, and connect them to your audience.

This will be very helpful, especially when you have those quotes on your social media channels.

It will bring traffic to your social media channel and encourage your audience to share it. 

Here some good example for these Frameworks

12 Best Email Marketing Quotes to Motivate You
9 actionable email marketing quotes to inspire your strategy

Alright, but before I end this post,

I want you to remember three things when writing a post.

  • Never forget to give credit to the source
  • encourage your readers to share your post
  • finally, write your blog as you are talking to them personally. It will make a strong connection with your readers

Now I have a challenge for you.

Can you guess what kind of framework I use in this blog post you are reading right now?
I’d like to know your answer in the comment section below… 

If you already use some of those frameworks, let your friends use them by sharing this post on social media. 

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2 thoughts on “Write Blog Faster With This Proven 3 frameworks”

  1. Thank you for the relevant content ma’am, it is an privileged to learn from you. Its a huge help especially for newbie like me, just starting my journey in freelancing.

    Now for the challenge, My answer is FRAMEWORK #2 List post. Because as you explain the topic, you included/listed some of the blog related to the topic. 😊❤️

    Thank you and more high-quality blogs to come❤️

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